Monday, October 13, 2014

10 days......

hey every one!
hilarious week. seriously i have the funniest companion ever. i havent laughed so hard in a long time. she is the! so we have just been working our bums off this week! literally last night i was sooo hyper and stoked to work that i was literally running from appt to appt to be able to see as many people as possible. its awesome! we are going to make this week the best stinking week of our whole missions :) im ready to hit it hard!
ok funny street contact we had this week: this man yells across the street to us....
man: are you jehovah's witnesses???
us: no we are from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints.
man: oh so jehovah witnesses?
us: no sir. we are mormons.
man: (as he is walking away from us) oh well by the way i am "George"!
us: ok bye George!
man: turns around and says what the heck i didn't say i was George i said i was Jewish! and he books it away from us
us: whoops awkward.....
another street contact experience:
i was talking to this woman while my comp was riding a rip stick ( a skate board that you have to wiggle back and forth) with the woman's daughter.
as i was inviting the woman to church i look over at my dear companion and she is flying off the rip stick.... lands on her butt....her legs fly in the air.... her skirt flies up.... me and the woman start cracking up! my poor companion was hurting pretty badly.... i almost peed my skirt!
ok another story from our missionary work! we walk up to this door looking for a less active woman. the neighbors are sitting on the porch so naturally we talk to them. they said i am just going to warn you now that guy you are about to knock on his door is not interested in anything you are selling. we told him we weren't selling anything. then the man whose porch we were on came out and we told him we are missionaries and before i could tell him who we were looking for he slammed the door in our faces. it was really surprising. then the guy on the porch next door said told ya! then we said ok thanks sir what was your name? and he yelled not interested! and sis Barrett said sir we aren't selling anything whats your name? he told us and she said thanks that's all we needed to know. then we left. we were really saddened by this experience. as missionaries we are used to rejection but it really got to us that day. so we decided to go to taco bell. because that is what you do when you are sad. and this lady at taco bell approaches us (that never happens) and wanted to learn more!!!
bottom line. miracles come when you feel like you are about to give up. no matter what keep trying and the Lord will show you miracles and show you His love for you. its amazing to be a missionary! life is good! i cant believe how fast time has flown by! well i love you all! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!!
Sister Swisher

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