Thursday, May 16, 2013

Best Night Ever

Sorry about the pictures everyone, I am and always will be technologically challenged! hehe My mom will be the first to tell you that! So this week was absolutely amazing! I got packages from my mom with shoes inside!! Woo Hoo! And Sister Schofield and I worked our butts off to spread the Gospel! So this whole week appointment after appointment kept falling through, luckily my companion and I are always laughing and making the best of everything or we would have just cried ahaha! So then Friday came rolling around and we had the prompting that we needed to take Evelyn Jimmy to the Visitor's center! So we texted her and asked her if she could go on Saturday but she said that she couldn't go because she was going to be with her sister. So we were about to just settle for next week. But the feeling came to me... TAKE HER TONIGHT!! So I told my companion that we had to make it happen. So we called up a member named Ashley Tipton and she was able to drive us with like no notice. Then we had to call President and get his permission since the DC temple is out of our mission. And we had a few other things to take care of but it all "magically" worked out! We took Evelyn to the visitors center and she loved the temple and how pretty it was. Then we took her to see the Joseph Smith movie. I prayed so hard the whole time that she would feel the spirit because she was still praying to know if the church was true. The next thing I know I look beside me and Evelyn was crying during the movie! After the movie we asked her how she was feeling and she said "I know the church is true and that I NEED to be baptized!" best night ever. What a miracle, Heavenly Father is AMAZING! He has this awesome plan for the Jimmy family that I get to be a small part of. I am so happy for this family that is all coming into the Gospel and will be sealed for all time and eternity next year! So I got to talk to my family on Mother's day yesterday and it was so sweet! My family right away started farting up a storm and I was like wow I love these people like crazy! They all looked at least a month older :P I cannot believe that I have been in the mission field for almost 3 weeks! This has gone by so fast and I have learned so much. Every day I love being a missionary more and more. Well keep writing me! I love you all and I miss you. I am always praying for ya! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!!


Sister Brookie Swisher


  1. We love this Sister Swisher. YES YOU!!! Prayers going your way all the time!

  2. Love reading your letters Brook! We are praying for you too.....keep up the good work Hon....