Monday, May 6, 2013

Amazing things are happening!

Ok sorry I have been terrible at writing every one, but the life of a missionary is so so so busy and so much happens, I couldn't possibly even know where to start. So I will just tell all of you the highlights of my week. So the Jimmy's that just got baptized, their daughter Evelyn started taking the lessons from us and she is on date to be baptized on may 25th now!! Yay!!! I have met so many people. This is my calling in life! I get to talk to people all day long! Best thing ever! My companion is amazing and she supports me and teaches me a lot. She is so shocked because she never has to tell me to go talk to people, I just see them on the street and start booking it over to go talk to them. So I am still in shock about how stinkin beautiful it is over here! I feel like I am in a movie every single day!! My companion and I laugh way too hard way too much! We have so much fun. We work super hard too. President Richards and Sister Richards are so amazing. I am so lucky to be serving in their ward because I have already become so close to them because I see them all the time! Ok another highlight from this week, we were in gospel doctrines yesterday and I was sitting by one of our investigators and our new convert Brother Jimmy. We learned about the church leading up to the apostasy and how it crumbled and led into the apostasy. At the end of the lesson the teacher said, "And next week we will learn how it was restored!" and Brother Jimmy in his cool african accent turned to me and said, "Sister Swisher! I cannot wait for the next lesson because we get to talk more about Joseph Smith!" He is the coolest guy ever that Brother Jimmy. He is also really excited to receive the Aaronic Priesthood this Sunday! Then we are taking him to do baptisms for the dead at the DC temple and he will be baptized for his son that was murdered in Africa like 10 years ago. Amazing things are happening for this family. It is so amazing to think about how in a year I will still be out here and get to see them be sealed for time and all eternity. Being a missionary is absolutely the best thing ever!! I feel everyone's prayers for me and would like to thank every one so much! Today our whole zone of missionaries went and played lazer tag! It was so fun and intense! We all got to pick out code names for the game and I was FLAVA FLAV and my comp Sister Schofield was P-Diddy! hahahaha We get fed by the members of the ward every single night and I get to become apart of a lot of different families. Every one here loves us and takes care of us. I miss you all. Know that I pray for all of you every day! I am going to finally attach some pictures just so all of you know that I am alive! :)
          Sister Brookie Swisher

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  1. Oh what a wonderful letter Sister Swisher!! Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with us. I am excited to read your letters! May the Lord continue to bless and keep you safe!
    Love you and lots of hugs sent your way,
    Bishop and Sister Hanberg