Monday, December 9, 2013

food poisoning

hello every body!
 so not a lot to report on for the week. just a piece of advice... don't eat expired chicken salad. now let me give you the story.... so once upon a time on Wednesday, we were at a mission meeting. they had ordered pizza for all the missionaries but I cant have pizza. me and another elder are gluten intolerant so they got us chicken salad. so my companion and I head to the kitchen to get my lunch. the elder that is also gluten free walks out of the kitchen and says don't eat that chicken salad, it smells bad! ( read that with a Mexican accent because he is from mexico) and me being who I am say to the nice elder "well you smell bad." he laughs and says fine and walks away. so my companion and I take a few bites of the chicken salad and realize that not only did it smell bad, it was bad. we looked at the expiration date and it had expired two weeks previous. we were like ew gross and tossed it. I got my emergency gluten free lunch from the car  and we went back to the meeting. in the meeting we were taking notes and learning how to be more effective teachers. then bam! my stomach starts hurting and making really loud noises. I was trying to make my stomach be quiet when I thought I heard the noises start to echo. nope it wasn't an echo. It was my companion's stomach. her stomach was making the same noises. at that point I was like oh geez rancid chicken salad! hahaha yup we both got food poisoning. we had to call off our exchanges and all of our appointments. it was a hilarious story that ended with us being inside for a while and staying close to our best friend, the toilet. well we did manage to make it to some of our appointments and we got really good at playing uno and phase 10. I learned how to do some fancy shuffling. hahaha we are feeling much better now and are ready to have a crazy week filled with make up appointments and double the exchanges. I hope every one got a chance to watch the Christmas devotional last night. if not it is on :) it really reminds us to slow down this Christmas season and appreciate our Savior and our family.  I love you all ! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!
Sister Swisher
P.s. that elder got a good "I told you so" moment when he heard about our food poisoning. hahaha

This is the Salad that made me sick!!!

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