Monday, December 2, 2013

Tasted my first squirrel!!!

What a great week! so first off i tried my first bite of squirrel... yes i have been in west virginia for almost 4 months and just now tried squirrel. i was so excited to try the dang squirrel that i didnt even realize it was breaded and i got a little sick that night but whatever, i ate squirrel. i mean i could have done that in my backyard since bradley shot them in the back yard and would cook them up... but it doesnt count unless you are in west virginia! it was absolutely FREEZING this week. but we bundled up sister missionary style and faced the cold. we had quite the list of miracles occur this week. then thursday was turkey day of course. we arent allowed to do the normal missionary work on holidays so us and the elders in our ward raked a bunch of peoples lawn. one of the yards had more dog poop than leaves. another yard had so many leaves that we raked into a huge pile and jumped in! it was fun.... good thing we didnt do that to the dog poop yard though.... haha then we had 3 different meals appointments. at two of them we played uno and i got a little into it and then another house i played legos with all the little kids. then me and sister bingham got the great idea to make the DC temple out of legos. it looked great. this little girl in the ward calls me sister squisher. its pretty funny. well then onto boring friday... we had leadership training. but we turned that from boring into fun real quick when all the sister training leaders got together afterwards to have a little meeting. we were so loud and out of control that an elder walked in to ask if we were ok. hahaha i love the sisters in this mission. then saturday we went on our first exchabges of the transfer and we had a blast! we have helped like 6 different families decorate their houses for christmas in the last week and we have 3 appoitnments set up this week  to decorate. we are painting martinsburg red... and green. i love CHRISTMAS!! its finally here! woo hoo! well i hope you all enjoy this season and remember the real meaning of christmas.
" perhaps Christmas doesn't come from a store,
prehaps Christmas means just a little bit more."
- the Grinch
Well to finish off my letter.... we played soccer as a zone of missionaries today and my companion and i are the only sisters in the zone and we showed up the elders today. i scored the winning goal... i may have partially tore off my big toenail but it was sooo worth it haha GO SISTERS! 
Sister Swisher

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  1. HI! I was wondering if I could have Brooke's email? I went on the tour back East with her and I was just thinking about her:) Totally just looked through basically the entire blog. haha:) anyways, my email is, and if you could message me her email, I'd love it! :)