Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I hit a deer!?!?!

hey every one! so it was yet another exciting week. so we had a busy monday and tuesday of going back and forth between the two areas to get both the sisters packed. then wednesday was transfers. and guess who showed up to see sister hollis and i??? sister Strickland and sister Hagedorn and Ashley tipton from the savage mill ward! they brought gluten free products as well. haha it was so much fun to see them! it was like we never left. the musketeers were back in action.... for a little bit anyways. so then i got my new companion sister bingham! she is soo cool! she is from utah and she goes home in march! we have already had a crazy and exciting week together. its weird that i could be her last companion! so story of the week.... i was driving sister bingham to go meet members in the area. we were on the road and it was dark. sister bingham was looking at the ward list and i was just talking to her... my eyes were on the road though... and BAM! a deer darts in front of the car! i slam on my brakes to try to avoid it and that helped but no enough. we clipped the deers hip with the right front of the car. the deer ran off. i screamed at the top of my lungs the entire time of course. we pull into this little gravel parking lot and this van pulls in behind us. i was like oh a nice man is going to help us. but the van pulls right past us and the man gets out and gives us a dirty look and walks into the bar.... awkward.... we look at the car and the front right headlight was out and a little bit of the body of the car was damaged. but the worst part was the huuuuuge chunk of deer flesh on our car! we seriously skinned a deer with our car. i called my good pal elder jones in the office who is in charge of the cars and i was like elder jones i am a murderer! i dont even like animals very much but i was really concerned for the deer. my comp had to stop me from chasing it. haha but elder jones calmed me down and thanked me for tenderizing the meat for the mission christmas party haha. anyways our car is in the shop and we have a loaner one for now. its not nearly as nice as ours but still good... its a car :) so that was our big excitement of the week. we help at a funeral on friday and gave lots of hugs to all the sisters there who were struggling. i love being a missionary and just loving the people here to death. so on sunday i was sitting by one of my favorite little girls in the ward named shenora. she is 3 years old and she is blind. i helped her take the sacrament and when i handed her they water she chugged it down then said "im thirsty!" and snatched another cup from the tray before i could even react. her mom and i just started busting up laughing and her mom was like " and they say shes blind?" haha she knew exactly where that tray was haha she is too cute. well then earlier today sister bringham and i decorated our apartment for christmas! we found a 6 foot christmas tree in the closet and went to town. its like a winter wonderland in there. its sooo awesome! so something that i learned this week is how to be happy on the days that just plain stink. BE GRATEFUL! when i count my blessings i realize i have sooo much to be thankful for. it turns my frown upside down reeeeeal quick. as we are in this holiday season i want to pay special attention to everything that i am grateful for. i am grateful for each one of you! i am so grateful to be a missionary, especially in an area where the work is booming! we are seeing so many miracles with less-actives and with the members. :)  well happy holidays every one! remember to tell people you are thankful for them:) Have a good and safe thanksgiving. MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!!
Sister Swisher

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