Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Like father like daughter.....

Hello hello!!!
So i know that it has only been six days since my last email but i can hardly remember most of the week.... shocker i know. well we had a busy week of exchanges and are going to have our last two exchanges of the transfer this week. i cannot believe that transfers are already next week! ok so i am usually wrong at predicting what is going to happen with transfers but i am still going to guess any way because it is fun. i think that i am staying here in martinsburg and that sister brunson is getting transferred. hmmmm we will see what happens. stay tuned for next week's email. so the funny story of the week. i was on an exchange with the sister that i was in LaVale for a week with at the end of last transfer so it was a fun reunion. we were sitting at the kitchen table before bedtime and i saw that the bananas were looking kinda brown and needed to be thrown away... so i picked them up by the stem and was bringing them to the trash can and one by one all 5 bananas splatted on the ground. and with my cat-like reflexes all i did was stand there and scream. haha dont worry i took pictures. well the scary story from the week.... so i had a different sister on exchanges with me on sunday. as we were walking down the hallway i was just saying hi to everyone and i had no idea but with like 6 different people in the ward, whenever we see eachother we pretend to punch each other. and sister Boman the sister that was with me turns to me and says wow sister swisher you just go around beating every one up. you may be wondering why this is a scary story.... it because in that moment i realized that i am exactly like my father!! AHHHH! haha well we had a why i believe fireside last night and we had a lot of people show up. it was great! we have been seeing so many miracles with the less-actives in the ward! it is soooo great:) well heres to the last week of the transfer! i am ready to work hard! i love you all! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!
Sister Swisher

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