Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Do you use Windex?

ok everyone another eventful week in West Virginia!
So the verdict on transfers....... i am staying and am getting a new companion named sister Bringham! she is a lot of fun. i am so excited to start another transfer. so you all will probably not be super surprised when i tell you that we had another emergency transfer with some of our sisters this week. One of my favorite sisters in the mission, sister morris, may have torn her ACL and had to go home on Thursday. it was sooo sad! we have had a trio going on with her comp sister boman. it has been a blast! so some highlights is that we have been covering two areas that are 40 min away from each other. lots of driving going on here... but it was fun to meet a lot of new people. so transfer meeting is on wednesday and we have a sister training leader meeting on thursday. it is going to be a busy crazy week yet again. i love it though! so another highlight is that Bethanie and Daniel had their baby Addie! they sent me pictures and she is sooo cute! i cant wait til the 3 of them are sealed and i will get to see :) they are awesome. i may or may not have teared up when i saw the pictures of baby addie. i cant wait to meet her! she is sooo pretty! i love being able to stay in touch with people from savage mill ward. so funny story of the week... we were in Hancock and we were eating with this sister at her huuuuge home. and all of the sudden we hear this huge BANG on one of the windows. we all jumped. we were like what the heck was that?!? and the sister was like ugh another bird ran into the window. and we went and looked and their was a huge bird knocked unconcious on the ground. then sister boman turned to the sister who owned the house and was like do you use windex? hahaha it was sooo funny. poor bird. well there are a lot of adventures ahead this week. i am ready to get it started! woo hoo! i love being a missionary!!! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!
Sister Swisher

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