Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pumpkin carving and Pics!

This week was the funnest week EVER! So we started it off on Tuesday by going on exchanges with the sisters in our zone. I went with sister Bybee and it was a blast but we realized we will never be companions because we are too dang loud together. we would scare everyone away! haha it was the funnest exchange i have been on. then on wednesday we went to our ward trunk or treat party and we decorated our trunk with one of our investigators and passed out candy to all of the cute kids in the ward. it was a lot of fun. then on Halloween we did work up til dinner. we didnt have a dinner appt so we ate dinner with the other sisters in our zone who we just went on exchanges with then all the elders showed up for the zone party. of course we planned it because if the elders planned it, it would have been super lame. so for the party we started off by playing volleyball, then we had a bonfire and made smores, then we played apples to apples. it was the funnest! then i really dont remember friday..... whoops. and then saturday i was asked to play the piano at a girl in the wards baptism. then later saturday night we helped out with a hollywood event for the young women. Sunday was miracle day on 32nd street. We had 5 less-actives and 2 investigators at church! it was a lot of real growth going on. on sunday night this awesome family named the Beckers fed us! and i was sitting down after dinner and their 5 year old comes up to me and sings, while shaking his hips and pointing at me. "you don't know youre beautiful! thats what makes you beautiful!" it was pretty dang funny and soo cute! haha then sunday night the sisters in our zone that we went on exchanges with earlier in the week slept over at our place because we had a really early meeting to get to on monday. it was fun! i cant remember the last time i had a slumber party! haha it was missionary style tho, lights out at 10:30 but it was still fun! Then yesterday we had an all day meeting. a general authority came to speak to us. we were told that he would pick 2 missionaries to give talks. i was chatting with him before the meeting and after he walked away i was like dang it hes going to pick me. so i gave a talk yesterday at the meeting! it was pretty fun! i talked on being a consecrated missionary. that means to fully set yourself apart from the world for the Lord while you are serving. then after my talk Elder Carlson was instructing and he asked me to come up AGAIN. he asked me to come up so everyone could look at me smile. it was pretty awkward not gonna lie ahhaha. last time i smile at a general authority.... JUST KIDDING! well it was an awesome week filled with miracles and fun! what more could you ask. for?? being a missionary is great! fully consecrating yourself is really hard and something that you have to work at every single day but it is sooo worth it because that is when you see lives change, especially your own life. MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!
sister Swisher!

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