Monday, October 28, 2013

Almond joy at 7:30am and Pictures!

Hello every one!
What a spectacular week it has been! So we had sister conference this week! It was where ALL the sisters in the mission got together for an all day training. Sister Brunson and I instructed and it was a BLAST! So at the end of all the instruction we did a craft and ate chocolate and had a clothes exchange. talk about a sister missionary's dream come true! it was the funnest day EVER! i love all of the sisters in this mission. there's around 65 of us now. so that was wednesday then the next day was leadership training which was a big bore compared to the sister conference but hey nothing can compare to that. i love all of the training and teaching opportunities that i get as a missionary. it has taught me sooooo stinkin' much! we saw a ton of miracles this week. i loved this week. i am sooo happy. oh and it could be the fact that i found out that i am gluten intolerant and i havent been eating gluten and feel a TON better now! this morning there was an almond joy sitting on the table and i was searching the ingredients to see if it had gluten because it sounded sooo good. so this elder in our zone is also gluten free so i texted his phone and asked him if almond joys have gluten in them. i didnt realize that it was just 7:30 am still and he was like for reals? hahahaaha i love chocolate, what can i say? safe to say that all of the missionaries in the mission know what a dork sister swisher is. so on sunday we had an amazing miracle! there was a fireside sunday night about family history. we invited two of our less-actives who love love love family history. they havent been to church in a VERY long time. YEARS! so they didnt really give us a concrete answer if they were going. we show up to the chapel..... turn the corner.... and BAM! they are both standing right there!!!! First time in  a church building in a century. it was amazing! then one of them saw the poster about the ward halloween party and asked us if we were going to decorate our trunk and we said yup! so she said well let me give you candy to pass out and all the decorations i have. SWEET!! thats not the end. i told her that my great, great, great grandpa was born in a nearby city and she said she knows a lot of swishers back here so she wants to do family history with me! she is sooo awesome and is on fire right now! i love it! i love miracles! i love the Gospel and i love being a missionary! Life is still great! I hope you are all doing well. :) MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!
Sister Swisher

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