Monday, October 14, 2013

FAKE TEETH?!?! and finally pictures!

Hey everyone!!!
ok so i am back in West Virginia with my companion! woo hoo! and i finally have some time to send some pictures so you can all see that i am alive and still a weirdo. So let me entertain you all with some humorous stories from my crazy week. We were visiting a 94 year old lady in a nursing home. i was bending down talking to her while she was sitting and eating in her wheel chair. i was in mid-sentence and she puts her hand up to stop me from talking and says " you have beautiful teeth. Are they real?" Taken by surprise by this question i tapped my teeth and said " yup these are real." and then out of the corner of my eye i see her friend up to something. i looked over at her friend next to her at the dinner table and say her holding her dentures and licking them clean of the lasagna she just had and then shove them back into her mouth. Me being the sly person i am just stared with my mouth open for a good minute. her question made so much more sense about my teeth all of a sudden. haha. i have basically told this story to every one in west virginia already so apparently i really like to tell it. well the work is going really well here. we are seeing miracles in our less-active work. it was transfers on wednesday so finally the hardest transfer ever is over! i will never pray for a hard transfer or trials ever again..... but having said that i have never seen the Lord's hand so clearly in my life. I see His love for me in EVERYTHING! I have learned some patience.... definitely lots and lots of patience. thats the hardest thing for me to learn. i have been able to sit back and see the bigger picture. how much easier would life be if we always had an eternal perspective? probably loads! well we had stake conference here and S. Gifford Nielson came and talked to us. he spoke in general conference last weekend so that was really cool. Our stake is on fire with missionary work. all the members are trying their hardest to share the Gospel. what an exciting time! life is sooo great!!! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!
Sister Swisher real teeth and all

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