Monday, October 7, 2013

Familiar face!!

Hey every one! so this has been a crazy week yet again. I have been in LaVale Maryland for the past week due to some interesting circumstances. but dont worry transfers are this week but i am staying in martinsburg with sister brunson!!! woo hoo!!! oh so funny story about transfers. we found out last night about who is going where and since i am not in my area with my comp i had to find out after her. she sends me this text on the phone that says "you are getting transferred :(" i was super mad haha then my district leader calls me and i  yelled "why am i getting transferred?!?" he was like you arent sister swisher your companion is messing with you. i was like "oh my gosh i am going to kill her! i was pooping my pants!" then my poor district leader was like of course you were sister swisher. hahaha i am going to beat sister brunson up when i get back to my area! what a jokester! so i am really excited to be in martinsburg again. it is going to be an absolute blast. somethings that i have learned this week are 1. you have to be bold with people sometimes. it may be scary but as long as you love em to death and want the best for them, everything will work out and be great! 2. apparently i have a very farmiliar face and every where i go i get comments like "you look like my daughter" or "you are my cousins twin i swear!" i know i know i look like every other blond girl i guess haha 3. i like to surprise attack other missionaries with my camera and get terrible picutres of everyone. i am my father's daughter. Well there was a baptism here in LaVale yesterday and it was such a sweet experience. The man who was baptized has 2 daughters who were baptized previously and they were just ecstatic that their dad was joing the church. it  was so sweet to see the Gospel bring so much joy into this family. i love being a missionary no matter what area i am in! i love all of the people i get to meet and help. They all teach me soo much! I have tripped about 13 times this week so my knees are pretty beat up right now. haha General conference was amazing and its a great time to be a missionary! the members are really getting into the work and its great to see the work just take off!!! Love you all! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!
Sister Swisher 

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