Monday, September 30, 2013

Special Assignment

HEY!!!! ok so i have a lot to tell for this week. lets hope i can remember it all..... or just most of it. So first of all let me tell you all that HEAVENLY FATHER KNOWS US AND LOVES US!!! i had this question that was in my head and i was praying about it and it was just really bothering me. i couldnt stop thinking about it. i was quiet.... yes ME being quiet. miracles happen on the mission. haha so anywho we went to the Relief Society broadcast that night and i was just listening and taking notes and BAM quess what? my exact question i had was said and answered in the broadcast. word for word people. i just started tearing up because i know that was just Heavenly Father saying i hear you and i love you. another great blessing i have seen this week is my little brother on a mission. i know i mentioned this before but it is such a huge blessings to share experiences, laughs and struggles with him. it is so nice to have a fellow missionary to talk to about everything and anything. and let me tell you people he is already an amazing missionary. you know what he e-mailed me? he put a quote in there to inspire the both of us. " a misionary leaves his/her family for 2 years/18 months so that other families can be with theirs for eternity" what an amazing missionary that Elder Swisher is! So we went on two exchanges this week and it was a BLAST! so obviously i havent ridden my bike in a while because we get a lot of miles so we never need to. it has been a good month and a half. so i went on an exchange where they have to bike every other day and this sister took me all around the city on our bikes. we saw EVERYONE. it was so much fun. until the next morning..... i couldn't even sit down on my butt to study! i had to sit on a pillow hahaha holy cow! hopefully i lost like 12 pounds to make up for the pain! so this morning we had to drive 2 hours to the mission home for a sister training leader meeting. and guess what we planned! we are having a sister training with ALL the sisters in the mission this month! its going to be sooo much fun. at the end of the training we are doing crafts and visiting. i can hardly contain my excitement. so i spent 4 days out of the area this week due to the exchanges but i saw a lot of miracles in other areas. ok so we are doing a lot of member work right now in our ward to give the members the strength they need to carry on. and one of the most common problems i have seen is that people are disheartened by all of the bad things happening in the world. and its true there are so many things that are happening that are so sad. but they tend to overshadow all of the GOOD! there are so many things that are going on unnoticed that are great acts of service and kindness. so i was thinking how i could show this to people. and a thought came to my head. so i have a special assignment for EVERYONE who reads this! i want you to email or write me an experience that you have had or seen or heard about that shows the good in the world. it could be anything. it doesnt have to be gospel related but missionary experiences are cool too :) the best way to bring the spirit into the lesson is to share real experiences! i think that this could really make a big difference. and i have the best friends and family in the whole world so i am sure i will get a lot of great experiences. i love you all and i love being a missionary. if you ever find yourself being self critical or doubting just remember that you are a child of God and that He loves you! Being yourself is exactly what He expects of you! all you can give is your best :) MAKE GOOD CHOICES!
Sista Swisha
p.s. ask my mom for my address or email :)

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