Monday, September 23, 2013

Finally a haircut!

Hey Ya'll. oh geez dont you worry i dont actually saw ya'll now that i have been in west virginia for a few weeks. haha! So this week we had a pretty eventful and crazy week. we went on an exchange with some super cool sisters. It was a lot of fun! my mom sent me out a ton of disney music and that has been off the hook! so last night sis brunson and i were really quite stressed because we have to fit 4 exchanges in in the last two weeks of the transfer and i was just like you know what sister its dance party time. so we danced around the apartment to disney songs. it definitely is a super effective stress reliever. i dare all of you to try it next time you are stressed. oh wait, only missionaries do things that dorky? oh weird. haha i LOVE being a missionary. and i am so excited that my brother bradley is out in the field now too! it is a great support to me. he probably doesnt even know how much he supports me already. So this p-day has been amazing. i wasbadly needing a haircut because my hair is like a horse's mane and so this lady from a nearby ward gave us haircuts for FREE! she did a great job and was so super nice. then a member fed us lunch. we took our time excercising this morning since we get an extra hour of pday from now on! its sooo awesome! i am going to write letters and take a nap the rest of the pday. so saturday was the funnest day ever. it was the mormon helping hands day. we sorted cans all day long. one thing i do not like about being a sister missionary is being treated like some dainty girl. I AM NOT DAINTY! haha none of the elders or ward members would let me carry ANY boxes finally this poor elder was about to take yet another box from my hands and i just looked at him and said take this box from me and i will beat you up. haha it worked. so any who it was a fun day of service. then that night was the stake luau and all the missionaries were required to help the entire time. it was so much fun and we got to see the whole luau. it was so good! it was a blast. we have seen a lot of interest in the church on the campus we live across the street from. we have started a mormon club on campus and there are a lot of kids that come out to the meetings. we have one tonight where we will be playing games! woo hoo! we teach a lot of students. it is cool to see them trying to figure out life after living at home. Every one here is soooo nice. the culture is very relaxed. i really am just loving this area and the people and seeing the difference we can all make in the world. i hope that every one is doing well. If you get a chance to read a quick verse in the book of  mormon read Helaman chapter 5 verse 12. it gets you through the rough times. i like to add my name in there and what i am going through. Heavenly Father really does hear and answer our prayers. i PROMISE! He loves all of us. :) I lvoe you all too! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!
Sister not so dainty Swisher

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