Tuesday, September 17, 2013

it's a small world!

Hi everyone! 
Ok so i have had quite an awesome and busy week. so we started off the week with my first exchange as a sister training leader (STL). So it was really fun! we also went on yet another exchange this weekend.so the exchanges we do with the sisters we are over are 48 hours long. they are so we can learn from eachother and make sure every thing is going well. so i was freaked out for nothing! i feel like i was born for this calling. my job is to make these sisters feel good about themselves and let them know what they are doing well. i love it! i have made great memories already with the sisters i go on exchanges with! i just love them all to death. we have the best sisters ever! i love being a missionary! ok so this ward is awesome. it is way different than savage mill but i am getting used to it and getting to know a lot of the members. :) we are teaching a lot of people on the campus of shepherd university and we started a mormon club on campus. it is so much fun! so this week we had a stress management meeting because so many of the missionaries are so stressed they are making themselves sick. so the mission doctor came and spoke to us. it was a good meeting and all but the best part was when president stood at the end and gave us an extra hour of pday!!! woo hoo!!! it was awesome! so funny story i was flipping through a members wedding album and i was like wait hold up! i know this person! i knew some of the people at their wedding from brentwood! it was pretty funny!!! small world of mormons. so i really am just loving this new stage of my mission. i get to help all the missionaries! i really am enjoying myself and am seeing so many miracles in West Virginia! I know that hard times make us better people and dont you all worry i will never pray for trials again! hahahahahahha I love you all! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!
Sista Swisha

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