Wednesday, September 4, 2013

fall leaves and a brunette

hey everyone! transfer week was quite exciting as usual! 
so before sis hollis left, we had a farewell party at the hagedorns with the stricklands. it was soooo much fun! we ate soooo much! i was soooo sad to see sis hollis go. i hate saying goodbye to my companions. they all have turned out to be my best friends. well we went to transfers and i was looking at all the new missionaries trying to guess which one would be my new trainee. i was looking for a blond because they always put me with a blond and there were no blonds! i was completely lost! but i got an amazing sister to work with! her name is sis blaisdell, she is 22 (they always give me the oldest ones. i think think they are trying to tell me im old or something haha), she is from southern california, and she is a brunette with green eyes. when i took her around to meet everyone the whole ward was like oh a brunette? we havent ever had one! hahaha then they all said oh another california girl? then of course they would all turn to me and say we cant get rid of you sis swish! i told bishop that i am just going to buy property in the area and make it official. he said he was ok with that. well i am loving being a missionary still! i love my savage mill ward!!!!! they are like another family to me. every time i think of all of these families i am so close to i feel like i was definitely meant to be here. so this week we had a lot of member missionary work miracles. we have been really focusing on working with the members to help them do missionary work and we got 3 new investigators this week all through the members in our ward! AMAZING!!! we are teaching lisa jimmy of the famous jimmy family. i love her! she is so excited to be a part of the gopsel. she is pregnant and does not want to be baptized until she has the baby next month. we have been reading the book of mormon with her and she just loves it. it is so cool to see her grow closer to the Savior through it. we walked a lot this week because sis blaisdell is super nervous about biking and we were low on miles. Bethanie introduced me to vegemite and she was excited because i am the first American she knows who likes vegemite! woohoo! it is so good! every one must try some when they get the chance. well i play the piano for district meeting every week and today i made the district sing joy to the world. elder martin, one of our zone leaders, was less than thrilled to say the least. he always puts comments on little cards of our performance at district meetings and one of the comments he put on mine was "mediocre song selection at best" hahaha what a nerd. we have an awesome district and there is great missionary work going on. i am loving the leaves here! they are starting to change and it is breath taking! i love seasons! turns out we dont have any in brentwood. haha. well i hope every one is well! love you all! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!

Sister Swisher

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