Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to make hiccups go away

ok one of the craziest most stressful weeks of my life but of course sis davis and i had a blast! what else is new?
we started off the week by shopping in innerharbor baltimore. it was sooo much fun and i loved being by the water. well when we got back to our house i realized i no longer was in posession of my wallet. yes i lost my wallet people. after much searching it was time to give up. so my poor mom had to scramble to figure that situation out with the senior couple that serves with us. i was trying to look for the blessings and finally decided that maybe if i had my license and was able to drive, maybe i would have gotten in an accident or something? i know its a weak blessing but its the best i could come up with. the real miracle is that i got a passport before i left so i will still be able to get on the plane ride home.
well we had a lot of obstacles come up in the work this week. it was hard. sometimes life is just hard for all of us. but when we put our trust in the Lord and realize that our plans are not always what he has planned, then we can find peace and comfort. i know that prayer works people!
through all of the obstacles that came up.. we were able to see miracles that happen when you just talk to everyone you see and love them. while i was on exchanges with sisters we met sooo many amazing people as we just talked to others. when in doubt... talk it out. seriuosly when i have felt down on my mission, i just go out and talk to people and share my testimony of the gospel with them. it always turns my whole day around!
so my funny story...... so i got the hiccups and they werent going away while we were in the car. and they were painful. and sis davis was like holy cow does that hurt? and i started to tell her all about my history with hiccups and how i can never get them to go away and then mid sentence she just turns and screams her head off. and i have the reflexes of a dead cat so i turn to look at her and then like 5 seconds later let out this blood curdling scream. then sis davis just started laughing her face off. i was like what the heck was that for? and she said hey your hiccups are gone. she literally scared the hiccups out of me! that had never worked before. it was soo funny. we of course have told this story to every single member and missionary we have seen since. they all think its pretty good. we are weird. no i take that back.... my companion is weird not me... haha yeah right.
well im excited for this week we have a head of us. more miracles to come! MAKE GOOD CHOICES! :)
Sister Swisher 

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