Thursday, September 4, 2014

Orioles Game!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I missed the update last week! All of our prep days are sooo stinking crazy! Well the past two weeks have gone by in a blur. i really cannot believe that i start my last transfer next week. i feel old... really old. 

well last week in church i gave a talk. i didnt know i was giving a talk until the morning of but it worked out just fine. i love giving talks! we had an amazing last couple of weeks! we have seeen sooo many miracles that i cant even tell you all of them. we have also had so many meetings that i dont even want to tell you about all of them. haha.

well here are the highlights:
-new amazing investigator
-talk in church
-orioles game
-an investigator came to church that we have been trying to get there for months!
-found a cool new family that we hope to start teaching soon. they were atheist but then found the love of Jesus Christ
-we met a cool less active lady from the phillipines and she is feeding us lumpia this week!! oh yeah score!
-we went on a lot of cool exchanges with amazing sister missionaries

ok so quick background on the cool new investigator. she is a members neighbor and at first she just wanted to bible bash with us and prove us wrong. but we remained calm and just said hey our purpose it to invite you to find out the truth for yourself. we dont want to convince you of anything. we want you to ask God what is right. she did. she knows its true. she completely changed from bible bashing to praying about it. it is soooo cool to see how that Lord softens people's hearts!

orioles game! i had sooo much fun. and of course i was sooo busy talking to everyone in the whole mission and the wright family :) that i forgot to eat dinner in the park! whoops. oh well i had a blast and i am in the best mission ever. well my opinion may or may not be a little bit bias haha :) the orioles won! whoop whoop

ok our investigator that finally came to church! we had a miracle lesson with her where the spirit was sooo strong then we took her on a church tour! she loved it and came out with her concern of why she hasnt been coming to church. she felt like she wasnt good enough and that every one else was perfect. we were able to help her resolve that concern and boom she came to church ! it was amazing to see her there! she loved it :)

well i learned a really big fat lesson this week. its a hard lesson to learn but it will stick with me for the rest of my life. as human beings we often think that when we are unhappy we need to take time to focus on ourselves and see what the problem is. although this is true... we cannot focus on ourselves for too long because then we just have a little pity party. true happiness comes from serving others and helping others who are in a worst circumstance than you. it is how we truly become like our savior and find the happiness that the Gospel is meant to bring us. i consider myself a pretty happy person but on my mission that happiness has been taken to a new level. i know that the reason for my extreme happiness (seriously sometimes i cannot contain it) it because i am serving others 24/7! it is amazing to me how the world has spun that around. happiness in todays world comes with being beautiful, having the nicest things, the nicest hair, blah blah blah. not true. happiness comes when you are just giving of yourself to help others out. that is what makes us happy! 

well on another note... for the first time in my entire life i was asked if i was from Spain. this guy looks at me and is liek "where are you from?" i said "california." he said "oh not spain?" i thought he was joking. nope he was serious as a heart attack. not going to lie i felt pretty darn cool after that. haha i am a dork and a half. well i love you all! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!

Sister Spanish Swisher

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