Monday, September 29, 2014

Hugging is against the Rules!!

hey everyone!
the weeks are going by faster and faster! this week we had a lot of miracles. we had leadership meeting and an exchange which always makes for a busy fast week! this week we have another exchange and general conference is this weekend! i am sooo excited i could pee my skirt! whoop whoop!
so we had a really good lesson with our investigator that is on date for baptism. she is really uncomfortbale with praying in front of us so we showed her this page in the pamphlet that has a little outline of how to pray. so we told her she could follow the model. it gives instructions on how to pray. well we all folded our arms and she began to pray... by saying "address your heavenly father.. expresss things you are greatful for... " she read the entire part of the pamphlet that teaches you how to pray. sis barrett and i opened one eye during their to look at each other and smile. after the prayer she looks up and says that was great i feel a lot better! we told her it was awesome then explained that she doesnt need to read that word for word but can come up with things from her heart. she said she will next time. haha it was so awesome! i lover her! her little son just loves primary.
on saturday we were in baltimore helping a woman move then we went to this less actives house that we have been trying to get a hold of the wholetime i have been here. she was recently baptized and hasnt been to church in a while so we have been really worried about her. so we were going to try by her house for the millionth time. and as we drove by guess whose head was hanging out the window of her row house??? the less active! we finally got to talk to her! it was a huge miracle! she opened up about not feeling worthy to come to church and we were ableto comfort her and she is willing and ready to come back! :) while we were talking to her on her steps... btw we were on n curley street in baltimore... the sketchiest street in the city.... this big man walks out of his house a few doors down from us and starts walking towards us. he doesnt say a word but opens up his arms really wide and walks towards me to hug me... i got scared and backed up but the wall stopped me and before i could say anything this big man was hugging me! then the less active was like " you cant be hugging them sisters like that! thats against the rules!!! " haha then he got embarassed and walked away without saying a word. i was like " who was that man that just hugged me?" the less active told me it was her neighbor and he asked her earlier if he was allowed to hug the church girls and she said no. haha it turned out to be really funny but not going to lie... in the moment i was quite scared!
well it was an amazing week that ended with womens conference on saturday night and a few less active ladies came to the dinner we had before the broadcast! it was amazing! i love serving here and i love being a missionary! MAKE GOOD CHOICES and have  a great week!

Love Sister Swisher

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