Monday, September 15, 2014

Wow! Only 5 weeks to go!

hey every one!
ok so another crazy weeks of transfers! it was a lot of fun to see every one at transfer meeting! i love being able to catch up with every one. this is going to be the best transfer ever! my new companion is sis barrett and she is 6 feet tall! she makes me feel just a tad short haha we are already having sooo much fun together and are getting a lot of work done.
i am in this awesome phase that i just want to work through the night and not even sleep so i can get even more work done! too bad sleep is necessary to survive.... i dont even have enough time in the day to do everything i want to get done here in the chesapeake ward! well i am enjoying getting to know the ward members better and talking with every one we see on the streets!
so this week we were walking around this neighborhood talking to every one! and we got a lot of appointments to come back and teach them! miracles were happening left and right. then we were on a porch talking to this family when all of a sudden a few doors down our investigator that we have not been able to get a hold of walks onto her porch to get her mail. we walk over to her and she says that she knew she didnt have any mail but something told her to go out and check the mail. it was so she could run into us! any ways we were able to sit down with her and she let us know that the reason she stopped talking to us is because she felt guilty due to the fact that she started smoking again. and we had a good talk about it all and she told us she needs us and wants to come back to church and be baptized! whoa! holy miracles on 34th street! can i get a whoop whoop??
this was such a great week! i cant believe how fast each day is going by. its freaky. but i am taking advantage of every second i have here! i want to help out with this work as much as i possibly can! i cant believe how great life is as a missionary! well every one, have a great week and MAKE GOOD CHOICES! love ya'll!
Sister Swisher

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