Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What in the espanol world was going on!

so this week has been pretty stinking exciting and unexpected. one of the biggest things i have learned about life is that it never goes according to plan. most of life is  plan B or C..... or D. haha and in order to be happy we have to learn how to just roll with it. so we had our last two exchanges planned out this week then one call from president and all the exchanges changed! its funny how that works out. but i got to go on an exchanges with the spanish sisters. i went to their area and tried to listen and understand what in the espanol world was going on! lets just say i got really good at saying "soy Hermana Swisher" then just standing there and smiling. haha then i would say "mucho gusto" then they would try to speak spanish to me and i just looked at the hermana i was with and said "que?" hahaha but i seriously had a blast!!!!! it was great to see how different the work is in a different language and culture. i love the spanish culture but holy cow i would gain 406598 pounds if i served spanish speaking. they feed ya til ya cant eat no mo'! pretty sure i had to be rolled back to my apartment after the exchange was over.
we had an amazing week of seeing people who had not been to church in a really long time tell US that they want to come back and get on track again. it is amazing to see that when people go through the roughest times of their life and see no hope.... they know where to find that hope. that is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. i cannot tell you how many times on my mission i have seen eyes brightened and budens lightened (yup that rhymed) because people have come closer to their Savior. it makes me sooo HAPPY! seriously on my mission sometimes i am sooo happy i feel like exploding! i probably freak people out with how happy i am when they meet me on the street! haha oh well..... i am a swisher... that is what we do... freak people out ;)
ok so as i enter my last transfer.... i am realizing really how much this experience has changed my life! i know i say it all the time but this is the best decision i have ever made. i look back at the hardest times on my mission and i am so glad that i stuck with it. that saying "no pain, no gain" is fo reals people. when we go through trials we grow and learn to more fully rely on our Savior. i love that we get to rely on him in the happy times of our lives as well as the sad times. he is just always there. its as simple as that.
before coming out on my mission i was freaking out about getting all the Gospel and scripture knowledge possible. but what i have realized is that it doesnt matter how much you know it matters how much you love. love people and you will be happy and be able to help. my testimony is simple but i know it with all of my heart! i love to share it with the people i meet out here. :) i love you all and MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!!!
Peace out....
Sister Swisher 

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