Thursday, June 20, 2013

Working Our Big Butts Off

HEY HEY!! What an amazing week! The weather is still being crazyy! It is quite fun i must say! My companion sister Hollis and I are having a blast and working our big butts off! So this week we met a lot of amazing people but the most exciting part is that Daniel is getting BAPTIZED on saturday!!! HELLLOOOOO! I am going to cry my eyes out! I told Bethanie that I am going to get waterproof mascara and we can just bawl our eyes out together. Daniel is so ready! what an amazing family they are! seriously right as I type they are finding out the gender of their baby and we are going over there tonight to find out! Bethanie says she has a way she is going to surprise us! i think it is a girl and sister hollis thinks its a boy! We will see tonight who is right! Well we are busy busy planning the baptism and everything that goes into that. So yesterday sister hollis and i showed up to church MATCHING! like 3 year olds haha every one and their mother's uncle pointed it out. the saddest part was we did not even plan it! I have a lot of funny pictures to show you all! sister hollis loves taking pictures so i have a ton.... on her camera haha. I am still just absolutely loving being out here and being a missionary. i have already changed so much. don't get me wrong I am still a loud dork with a funny laugh but I have realized more about myself than ever before. another great experience we have had this week was we did service for an elementary school and it was soo hot and humid. afterwards sister richards, our mission president's wife took us to Rita's. oh whats rita's you ask? let me tell you! it is the best frozen ice/ custard place on the planet and it is the best place on this planet. it is so good i am already sad thinking about leaving my area and not having access to Rita's! Sister Hollis is such a good missionary and she just jumped right into it all. she has come close to all our investigators in such a short amount of time. It is so awesome to see the Lord's hand in this work. People come out of the wood work who are ready to hear and listen to the Gospel. I LOVE IT! Well look forward to next week's email when i tell all about the baptism and put up picutres!!! AHHHH!!! I am so blessed to be out here and to have met Daniel and Bethanie and all of the other people in Maryland. MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!
Sister Swisher

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