Monday, June 10, 2013


Aloha! Greetings from Maryland! This has been the hardest but best week of my mission! Ok so we kept having to go to the doctor for sister schofield and it turns out she is allergic to gluten! so we are living the gluten free lifestyle and it is wayyy too healthy for me! but she is feeling much much better now so it is all good. I had the most amazing day on saturday. it was heaven sent after a hard week. we took two investigators to the temple. it was so amazing! then we went our investigator bought us subway, score! then we went to a baptism for a lady the elders have been teaching. we took two investigators to this as well. one of them was Daniel. He has been praying and reading the book of mormon and has been waiting for an answer. after the baptism we asked him how he felt and he said he felt something all over his chest and his back. a good feeling. and we were like you felt the spirit! then we asked him what he thinks the spirit is trying to tell him and he said well since everyone was talking about the truthfulness of the gospel, i am going to go with that. and his wife Bethanie started crying! AHHHH he got his answer in an amazing way! so exciting. I love Daniel and Bethanie. honestly they are like our family. we love teaching them and talking with them. after the baptism we went took an investigator named peter on a church tour. a member named sister andersen drove us and helped us teach him. it was so good! i got this impression that we needed to sing this hymn for him and we did and he felt the spirit so strongly! The church is true! i love being a missionary! Ok so since it has almost been six weeks since i have been in maryland, it is time for transfers. i was so nervous to find out if i would be getting transferred or staying. drum roll please...... i am staying in my area and will be training a new sister that comes in on wednesday! ahhh! so scared but so excited! i can't believe they trust me with another human ahaha. oh and i get to drive starting wednesday. man they must trust me here or something! sister schofield will be leaving me to go to the annapolis area but we will write each other and keep in touch. I cannot wait for this next transfer. i am going to learn so much. alrighty so funny story, we are working with a less active named brother sethi and he is kinda a crazy old man. he thinks he invented nasa and the internet and his sisters are marilynn monroe and jackie kennedy. hahha i love him! well he always tries to feed us junk food and we told him no more to the junk food. so he gave us huge bowls of yogurt plopped a butt ton of brown sugar on them and then put this weird indian spice thing on top. nastiest creation on planet earth everyone! i almost died and he was sitting there watching us eat. hahaha my first nasty food story of the mission oh goodness! i hope you are alll doing well. love ya lots and am still praying for ya! MAKE GOOD CHOICES! :)
Sister Swisher
p.s. we keep getting flash flood warnings because it starts thunder litghtning and raining out of no where all the time. I don't think I am in Brentwood anymore....


  1. Ok Missy Brookie, Sister Swisher,
    You are AWESOME!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read about your wonderful adventures in the world of Sister Missionaries! You will be the BEST trainer EVER! Lucky Sister who gets to have you as her sister companion!!! Really!!! The Lord is with you and we ALL love you!!!

  2. I was thinking how sad I dont have Missionary Mail Mondays anymore and them I logged onto F/B and saw this!!!!!!! LOVE reading about you and how your doing!! My heart swells reading your stories! <3<3<3<3<3