Monday, June 24, 2013


So this week was pretty grand! Daniel was baptized on saturday! It was such a great baptismal service! I absolutely LOVE Daniel and Bethany! They are sooo awesome! Daniel is going to be a great addition to the ward! He already loves to serve so much. He even vacuumed after his own baptism haha super funny. It all went perfectly! Sister Schofield came and everything! it was soooo good to see her again! Then Sunday was even better! So Daniel got confirmed and is an official member of the church! It was such a great moment when he stood up and everyone raised their hands welcoming him into the ward. Then there was a boy who gave his farewell talk and a boy giving his homecoming talk! they were both so amazing! Then Sunday night was the missionary work broadcast! HOLY COW!! it was soooo good! If you haven't seen it go to RIGHT NOW and watch it! it is life changing really! Missionary work is moving forward and is sweeping the whole earth. What a great time to be alive! The world is so exciting and has sooo much good going on:) So funny moments from the past week are that I tripped big time twice in our apartment while talking to Sister Hollis. Once i tripped on her foot and another time was over a box of copies of the Book of Mormon. Just call me Grace. I read a lot in my scriptures this week about hope. Faith and hope go together. You cannot have hope without Faith. If we all put our trust in God and His plan we literally can do ANYTHING! I have seen that more than anything on my mission so far. I cannot believe how much love i have for all of the people here. I am already sad thinking about being 3 months into my mission. MISSIONARY FO LIFE! haha I want to challenge everyone who reads this post to go out and serve someone this week. If you already do a lot of service go out and do something extra. I know that the World could be a much better place if every one did more service. The Savage Mill Ward is always serving one another and it touches my heart. They have already changed my life and the way I think. They are always looking for ways they can help and what they can do more. I love it! I want to be more like that! Well I love love love you all! Thank you for supporting me:) MAKE GOOD CHOICES!
Sista Swisha!
p.s. played some serious p-day basketball today and I totally balled it up and made 3 baskets. Can I get a Whoop whoop? haha 

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  1. A WHOOP WHOOP here from the Hanberg's for your WHOLE WEEK!!!! We LOVE YA!!!