Monday, July 8, 2013

Stolen Car!!!!

Ok everyone take a seat so I can tell you about my week. It has been a crazy one for sure! Ok so it has been absolutely insane and hilarious. I laughed the entire week so i have a lot of great stories to share. So first it starts off with Sister Hollis going to the doctor for posion ivy! she couldnt sleep like all week due to the discomfort it was causing her. So naturally everyone in the ward gave us a ton of treats all week because they felt bad. hahaha. so that was pretty funny because they put her on steroids to get rid of it and i was like look here doctor if she has some roid rage i am going to have to be the one to put up with it. so far so good no roid rage haha. So then Thursday was the 4th of July and our ward has a breakfast every year so we got to go and eat pancakes! then we invited ourselves to some parties in the ward and went to lunch with daniel and bethanie. We did not get to see any fireworks because it doesnt get dark until 9 and our curfew is 9:30. So we heard them from the apartment. This leads into my next story. Let me give you all some background. We have this little box in each missionary car called TIWI. It is really annoying because it makes us drive safely and tells us to slow down and such. We are always really mean to TIWI. When ever TIWI says "check your speed" we usually say something like "check your face" or something super clever like that. haha ok so any ways 4th of July night we were gathering all of our stuff from our car to go inside for the night. Sister Hollis and I both all of a sudden got the feeling that someone was watching us. So we hurry up, lock our car 56 times then go inside and lock every thing up. Didn't even think twice about it. The next morning we were groggily walking out of our apartment to go on our morning run. I walked through a parking spot and notice my Jolly Rancher wrappers all over the ground (i have been on a jolly rancher hype lately.) I was like that is so weird, i would never leave my trash all over the ground. i will pick that up after our run. Then sister Hollis looks at me and says "Sister Swisher...... Where is our car?" I look around and realize that I was standing in the spot where i had parked the car the previous night. We are frantically looking around and realize the rest of my jolly ranchers are strewn up the road. SOMEONE STOLE OUR CAR! We hurry and call Elder Jones the supervisor of the cars and then we call the police. We get everything filed and all and then Elder Jones calls the police and tells them that the car thief did not take out..... wait for it...... TIWI! So he had a location on our car! The police found it and did a stake out to see if they could catch the thief. Turns out it was parked to another stolen car and the thieves were letting the cars sit until they could come back and take them to a chop shop. So the police checked out our car and found out that the thief got into our car by a garage door opener. they caught our key signal the previous night and used it to get in. The thief stole my missionary debit card and used it to buy alcohol (ok kinda funny and ironic.) He took my GPS and weirdest of all he stole my sunglasses! hahaha he is rolling in style fasho. So we got our car back and it reaked of cigarette and we switched cars with elders in an area an hour away so we got a nicer car out of the deal. The missionaries in the office bought us lunch because they felt badly and we basically got a sweet deal. Sister Hollis and I were like man we should get our car stolen more often! hahaha also the cookies that the ward members had made us were in the car and the thief ate them all so the ward restocked our cookies supply. Honestly the most important part were the cookies. haha well i have an exciting story to tell my kids one day! This story just reminds me that Heavenly Father is truly watching out for all of us! Seriously miracles! So then sunday rolls around and we are at church and Daniel shows up in a new church outfit! He bought a tie and white shirt and slacks, the whole 9 yards! he looked like he had been a member for years. i almost started crying! This week has been so exciting and I dont think i have laughed this much in my whole life. Sister Hollis and I are going to be friends for the rest of our lives. She is such an amazing missionary! I love this area! Transfers are next week so i will find out in 1 week if i am staying or going. Sister Hollis and I are praying that we both stay!!!! Well I hope all is well with everyone! All is well here in Maryland, just hot and humid as poop. This is the best time of my life! We have another investigator named Thelma that is on date to be baptized July 27th and hopefully her son Nige will be on date to get baptized the same day soon. Miracles are happening all around us everyone! We just have to serve others and we will see the blessings pour into our lives. This week has been super humbling to me! I love the Gospel and I love all of you! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!

Sister Swisher

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