Wednesday, July 31, 2013

always a funny story

Hey every body!!
I am especially excited to be out of the house today! Sister Hollis has been really sick all week and we were stuck inside. So this blog post will be kinda lame..... NOT! No such thing as a lame week when you are a missionary! So since Sister Hollis is on some meds that knock her out she sleeps the majority of the day. So I have been left to entertain myself. I still stick to the schedule and wake up by 6:30 and work out and get ready and study. but by that time it is only 9:30. So what have i been doing you are wondering? Well let me tell you. i have cleaned the apartment about 43 times, i have read every ensign that has come out since my birth, i have random solo dance parties to church music, i have been working out like a fool, and best of all i am almost done with the Book of Mormon. haha! so productive i know! So funny story of the week.... Sister Hollis had to give a talk in church. So she didnt take her loopy pills so she didnt get up and make a fool of herself haha. so before church i was just talking to everyone because i have been here in the Savage Mill ward for over 3 months. i feel like they are my ward family. so i was just chatting and a member of the bishopric came up to me and said hey sister swisher... since your companion is giving a talk would you like to say the closing prayer ( this is like the 3rd time i have said the prayer in sacrament meeting, they need to find a new backup haha) so i said sure Brother Maughn..... for a small price of 5 dollars. he must be used to me saying that cause he just laughed and walked off. So it was a missionary homecoming yesterday. so sister hollis gave her talk and a few youth bore testimony and then we were singing the intermediate hymn. at the end of the song i get up from my seat to start walking up to say the prayer. like 4 people stopped me and were like sister swisher sacrament meeting isnt over. great. the whole ward just saw me stand up and be tackled so i didnt go end sacrament meeting before the farewell talk! hahahaha! so i said the real closing prayer at the real time. i knew i was in for it when i said amen. EVERYONE and their mother's uncle came up to me to make fun of me. it was hilarious. the elders in the ward had a field day with it. they were even texting me during sacrament how embarassing i was. hahaha . well i thought the torment was over when church was over but as i went to get in the car the elders left a card with a lovely note that read. remember when you almost ended sacrament meeting early? haha elders good one. well the work is still going well even though we have been cooped up all week. our investigator thelma is on date to be baptized on august 17th! woo hoo! well we are going to the doctor tomorrow to get my sick companion taken care of! have a great week everyone! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!
Love, Sister Swisher

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