Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sticker Thief

Ok so this week we had a lot going on! So tuesday sis hollis finally was able to start working again! it was so great! we got a lot done this week and caught up on everything from the last week. So Daniel and Bethanie are on vacation in North Carolina. we miss them! But we are glad they are out having fun. Thelma is still ready to be baptized on the 17th of August. She is so awesome! she teaches us i swear. Well we also had a great visit with the jimmys this week. so lawrence jimmy is 5 years old and always sits by me in church. he is quite a handful so i come prepared with paper, pens of every color, and stickers that my mom gave me to give to kids. So last sunday i took out a pile of stickers and lawrence quickly shoved the entire stack in his back pack. i was like cool lawrence just bamboozled me out of my stickers. oh well. haha so we go over there and on the front entry window there were the stickers i gave (more like he stole them slyly haha) were all over the window! those are not going to come off very easily. i was cracking up. glad i could help decorate the jimmys home. So of course lawrence and i had a photo shoot with the stickers and lawrence had 3 dollars he wanted pictures with. weirdo. Then our investigator billy's son riley was going back to his mom's house after being here all summer. i was so sad to see him go! so riley and i also had a photo shoot when we went to say bye to him. we helped a family paint on saturday. it was pretty fun. so we had dinner with one our favorite families the hagedorns and another family is staying with them in the ward because their house has bed bugs! so the next night we made them a ton of cookies and doorbell ditched the cookies on the door step. it was pretty fun. so we also had a great time today. we went and made fruit pizza with sis hagedorn. then after we email sis nuss is taking us to costco so we can get fruit in bulk for cheap. it is so much fun to hang with all the people in the ward! Well i actually have pictures for all of you to see that i am still alive. there are a lot this week... so you're welcome.:) haha oh a few more things we have gotten a kick out of this week. we have heard some interesting birth stories from moms in the ward.... one had her baby in her camry on the way to the hospital and named her daughters middle name camry hahaha then another mom had her baby in her bathroom! so crazy! and great stories for us. Well hope all is good in the world. Love you all! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!

The One and Only
Sister Swisher

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