Monday, February 17, 2014

Movie star Digs!!

hey eveyone!
another crazy week in the Maryland Baltimore Mission! So it was really quite hard to say goodbye to every one in the martinsburg ward. i love them all so much! one of the hardest parts of being a missionary is leaving an area. I have realized it is because as missionaries we put our whole heart into the area and the people where we serve. you put your whole "heart, might, mind and strength" into it everyday and then you leave so suddenly. at first i hated that part, but then i realized that i will be friends forever with all of these people that i have met on my mission. they have changed my life forever. the other hard part about last week was saying goodbye to my companion sister bingham. she finished her mission and went home. i love that woman and miss her like crazy already! but then the great part about being a missionary is meeting the new people and getting to love them as well. i got here to the woodstock ward and the first day (thursday) it snowed a foot and a half! then we moved apartments! now we live in a two story town home and its amazing! we each have our own bathroom! its like i am a movie star! especially since i got used to sharing one bathroom with three of us sisters for the past month. i have soo much time in the mornings i dont even know what to do with all the time! yesterday at church was great! it is a small cute little ward with amazing people who are willing to serve! they all welcomed me in very well :) i love Virginia already! it is beautiful here! i am kinda tired of all the snow though.... SPRING where you at??? well my new compaion sister shumway is amamzing! she is really chill and really sarcastic so we get along wonderfully! i am excited and ready to work my heart out in this area as well. i love serving the Lord! nothing makes you happier! funny story of the week... sister shumway and i were walking in the snow and we walked through a snow bank and all of a sudden she fell and her leg disappeard. she fell into a gutter covered by snow! of course i took a picture before i helped her up! hahaha great first day together! (picutres to follow the story available) well i love you all! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!
Sister Swisher

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