Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One of these pictures is not like the other!

hey everyone! 
so drum roll please.......... I am getting transferred to woodstock virginia! my 3rd area on my mission and my 3rd state i will serve in. i am sooo excited! i already sorta know a family there because they used to be here in the martinsburg ward! also just two months ago woodstock was a branch and now its a ward. president told me they are super missionary minded and that i was going to just love it there! i am excited to work really hard out there in virginia. i will really miss my martinsburg ward though. i love every one here so much i feel so loved and at home. everyone is giving me birthday presents and brithday parties. i just had a birthday party with a family last night. it was so cute! one of the little boys handed me a ninja turtle valentine and said I LOVE YOU! melted my heart! it is really hard to leave all of these people you love so much but it is part of life and i am excited to love the people in woodstock. i cannot believe how much STUFF i have acquired in my 6 months of being here! i am having a hard time fitting it into my suitcases hahaha ok this week was just GREAT! we got to go to the temple with some members! it was just what we needed. i love the temple soooo stinking much! it is sooo beautiful and peaceful :)  so funny/painful story of the week. this morning we were on our way to work out with TISH THE TERMINATOR and i was getting out of the driver seat... innocently going about my business. i stuck one my feet and the ground and started to get out when all of a sudden my foot just kept sliding, and sliding and then slid some more. my other foot was still stuck in the car. i was doing the splits in the driveway. luckily i was in my work out clothes.... would have been really bad in a skirt. of course i screamed and my companions being the kind, compassionate people they are stood there and laughed at me so hard they almost peed. after i got out of the splits my companions regretted not helping me up.... NOT. the only regret they had was not having a camera to record the scene. hahaha we love each other. they are used to me sliding on the ice now anyway. well i am excited for the new adventure in Virginia! i am ready to meet who ever the Lord is going to put in my path. i love being a missionary and meeting and loving all of these people out here. they are changing my life. i will miss getting to know all of the sisters on exchanges but i am ready to be a normal missionary and fully focus on my area. i will miss everyone here and will forever be grateful for my time in martinsburg west virginia. i hope everyone is doing well! love ya'll! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!  

Sister Swisher

P.S. best early birthday present ever! i am an auntie!!!!!!    

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