Wednesday, February 26, 2014


hey everyone! so this week was another week of miracles!!!! we seriously saw a miracles every single day! i am just loving to get to know all of the members and am sooo thankful that i am really dang good with names. i probably have creeped several of the members out by knowing their names and all of their childrens names. hahaha oh well they love it. we are having some serious fun on top of it all! ok so i dont really have much time to write this post (i was wayyy too into emailing my mom and lost track of time) so funny story of the week: i was asleep, innocently minding my own business then BAM! i wake up because my companion sits up straight in her bed and stares at me. i was like "uhhhh are you ok?" she lays back down and says "NO" i was like "whats wrong?" she said "my head HURTS!" so being a spectacular companion i get up and get some tylenol for her and let her use my water bottle to take the meds. she goes back to sleep almost immediately. in the morning i asked her about it and she barely had a recollection of the event. i asked her if she remembered me giving her tylenol and she didnt! i gave some sleeping person tylenol in their sleep! what a creepy person i am! i just give people meds while they are sleeping no big deal. hahaha we keep having all kinds of crazy funny stories but as usual i cannot remember them! well i just want you all to know that i love you and will write more next week! enjoy my very few picutres form the week! MAKE GOOD CHOICES! 

Sister Swisher

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