Monday, March 3, 2014

Time Flies!

So this week has been a blur and a half. i have been trying to get used to being in a new area and this ward has made me feel right at home. i love them already and feel like part of the gang. you know those moments in life when it hits you that there are sooo many reasons you are in a specific place at a certain time? well i had several of these moments this week!
there is a man of a recent convert that will not learn about the church because he will NOT give up coffee. he is so stinking nice just really stubborn. so i heard him out, listened to his concerns and then told him he can answer every question he has with prayer and the book of mormon. after some doing, he agreed to read it! its like i was sent here to teach him because i am just as loud as he is. poor guy didnt even see me coming.
there have been moments like that throughout my mission where i just thank heavenly father for letting me be the instrument in His hands because there is no way i could do it on my own. besides His plan is much better than mine.
i have been freezing my buns off today! its snowing HARD! we had to walk in the snow to get to the church to email today. and i am soo glad i will be able to have walkng in the snow stories to tell my kids in the future. i can see it now. itll start along these lines... " when i was on my mission, i had to walk uphill in the snow to get to the church..." oh yea i am going to milk it.
well this week we saw a ton of miracles! we had a lot of people come to church and they loved it and felt so good afterwards. we made a lot of new friends, helped a lot of people, and laughed our heads off everyday. being a missionary is the best thing in the world. i cant believe how fast time is flying. i know i say that everytime but its true. TIME FLIES! life is too short to waste away your days dreaming about things you want. look around you and enjoy what you have right here, right now. Heavenly Father has blessed us with everything. i lvoe you all and am grateful for ya'll! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!
Sister Swisher

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