Monday, March 10, 2014

Pink Eye!

this week started out as a snowy week. it was snowing really hard last monday and we couldnt drive. one of our favorite families drove us around every where and let us hang out at their house. gluten-free pizza and brownies, painting nails..... i mean really it was a PARTY!

the rest of the week went by so super fast! we had appointment after appointment after appointment. we had one of our investigators take us to cracker barrel which was sooo much fun! 

we took one of our investigators to the temple visitors center on saturday and she had a blast. she loved it! 

then all of a sudden sis shumway and I felt this pain in our eyes. we each had on eye that was getting really red. we got home from the temple and found out we had pink eye. can you say sick nasty? we had to stay in for the rest of the day! it was pretty boring if you ask me. i heard that if you put a warm bag of chamomile tea on your pink eye it goes away so i tried it. i took a picture because i look like a freak. we got some good laughs from our dang pinky eyes. 

yesterday at church we had two of our investigators come out which was amazing! i love this ward and i love being a missionary!

I got some great news today! if you remember daniel and bethanie from the savage mill ward.... Daniel is getting the melchezidek priesthood on sunday and they are taking a trip to autrailia next week where he will bless their baby addie! i am so excited i could scream! i love seeing families blessed because of the great things from the gospel. the Gospel is true and i love being a part of it. i love all of these families out here :) they have helped me grow and learn. life is fantastic! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!


Sister Swisher

AKA Sister Swishy Wishy 

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