Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sister Barfs a lot

hello everyone... the title of this week's email may be a little shocking but i feel is captures the week beautifully......"A Week in the Life of Sister Barffs-A-Lot"
in case you didn't gather this from the title of my email.... this week was a week full of the stomach flu. it all started with my poor companion getting the flu. i was doing my part as a comp and was taking great  care of her and eating food right in front of her. well wednesday night it hit me hard! i caught the stomach flu, probably as payback for eating in front of my comp who didn't feel like food at all. well then it was my turn for the flu. it was a bad one. today is the first day i feel well enough to be outside of the house and eat. it was a long week of feeling terrible and being stuck inside (a missionary's worst nightmare) but in the end it was a great last week together with my companion. she is getting transferred this wednesday and i will be training a new sister missionary. my next companion is still in the MTC as we speak. she has no idea what a crazy weird trainer she is about to be put with. muahaha
well highlights of the sicky sick week:
- the elders in our district were having a weight loss competition and asked if we wanted to join when we were still healthy. i refused to join their competition because all elders have to do to lose weight is cut down from 4 cupcakes every night to 1 cupcake and night and they lose 12 pounds. well since the stomach flu week hit i entered the contest and will probably win. the elders don't think its fair. oh well. contest is in the bag. thank you stomach flu.
- we have an amazing ward filled with people who love us. we were definitely taken care of this week. i would even say spoiled rotten. we never felt a lack of love throughout our week of sickness.
- i have read 200 pages in the book of mormon this week. not a lot of entertainment so i read and read and read some more.
- have realized that patience is a virtue. yes i prayed for patience last week so it was no wonder we got hit with a bad flu this week.
- i got a sweeet video of sister shumway doing the Irish jig on our table. we got bored and we heard an Irish song. what would you do?
- i have truly realized how awesome it is to be able to go out and serve people every single day!  being in for an entire week i missed that and saw how happy this work truly makes me:) im excited to get back to work this week!
Even in times when life doesn't seem to be going the way you want.... we can always find the blessings and see the Lord's hand in every single detail. I am excited to get a companion fresh out of the MTC who is on fire to work. Now that i am an old fart missionary it will be nice to have a youngin' around. :) it will be a blast! Remember that the Lord loves you! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!
Sister Swisher
AKA Sister No-More-Barfs :)

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