Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hola mi amigos!

hola mi amigos!

me llamo es Hermana swisher! you may be wondering why the heck i am speaking Spanish.... well i got my new missionary this week and she is a Spanish speaking sister. there aren't enough Spanish sisters in the mission yet to train new missionaries so i am training her for 6 weeks in Spanish and then she will go to the Spanish zone. her name is Hermana astorga. she is 28 years old from bountiful Utah. she is awesome and i am learning a lot of Spanish... er i mean Espanol! its been pretty fun! she is a native speaker so she is pretty dang good! this week we have seen a ton of miracles and have met a lot of new people. we have had more members sign up to feed us than ever before! its great! life is good here in Virginia! and it finally snowed for the LAST time on Tuesday. no more snow for us! yup i am sending all of my winter clothes home this week! hasta luego nieve! (see ya later snow) i am learning how to pray in Spanish! before ya know it i will be fluent. not really. haha when i cant fall asleep at night i quiz myself on my Spanish vocab! well Woodstock is going strong and transfers were so much fun as usual. i love seeing all the great missionaries i serve with. i have really seen how Padre celestial (Heavenly Father) answers prayers this week. he answers them through other people. it is so important that we are always living the best we can so we can help answer others prayers and have others answer ours. i love the Gospel and am sooo proud to be a part of the missionary force. my favorite part of getting ready in the morning is putting on my name badge and getting to represent the Savior. i love it! i am trying to squeeze every moment out of it. Haz Lo Justo! (do the right or my new phrase for make good choices!)

Con Amor,
Hermana Swisher  

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