Monday, April 7, 2014

One Year! What!?!?!

hey every one! 
 so this week was pretty crazy! it has been really busy, busy, busy! i hit my year mark this week and i am feeling really old. when did this happen? where did time go? this morning i had it confirmed to me that i am an awkward oblivious missionary! we were dropping off our car to get it fixed (girl in the ward may or may not have backed into our car haha) and we were waiting for the elders to come pick us up from the repair shop. the worker was in his late 20's and was talking to us about our missions. he saw that our ride was there and we were about to leave so he rushed into the other room to grab a business card. he wrote his cell number on the back and handed it to me and said to call him if we needed anything at all. he also told me he lives just up the road. as we walked out i turned to my companion and was like this is great he probably wants to learn more. we can give his number to the elders so they can teach him. then my comp gave me this look like oh sister swisher.... then i was like what? she then informed me that he totally just gave me his digits so i could call him. i was shocked.... he doesnt want to hear more about the Gospel? hahaha yup i have been a missionary for a while now. didnt even cross my mind. 

the rest of the week went really well! we were able to watch general conference with two less-actives, a recent convert, an investigator and a member family. it was soo much fun! i love general conference! it was a great weekend filled with messages of hope and love. they gave me the courage to stand up for what is right no matter what any one else is doing. i have learned a lot this week and have enjoyed progressing. the only way we progress in life is by going through challenges. when you are going through a rough time just remember that Heavenly Father knows you and what you can handle but he also knows who you can become. he is going to help you reach your full potential. at times it may just plain stink but remember to be grateful and to find the joy in every phase of life. life is to be enjoyed, not just endured! smile:) MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!! Love ya'll!

Sister Swisher

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