Thursday, April 17, 2014

Shearing Sheep

hey ya'll.

seriously my southern accent is getting stronger and stronger. finally im just embracing it. cant fight it, so i am just going to go with it. mhmmmm. well i forgot to include in my email last week that we helped some members in the ward shear their sheep! it was really gross! it sounded a lot more fun than it actually was haha and the sheep peed on me. no big deal. grody mcnasty. this week was phenomenal! spring is in full swing here! its gorgeous and warm and the humidity is already starting up! oh yeah! i cant get over how beautiful it is! its like i am on a post card every day! so this week was amazing for the work! we put our investigator susan on date for baptism on may 3rd! we are stoked! the ward is on fire with missionary work! every one is working so hard to up their game of sharing the Gospel! i am soooo lucky to be in the Woodstock ward right now! we are seeing miracles here and its all because the members are really putting forth their best effort for the Lord! i am so excited about what is happening here. we are on the verge of a flood of miracles! so this weekend we had a less active that wanted to go to another wards activity in Winchester Virginia but she said she would only go if we went with her. its way out of our area so i thought for sure the answer would be no.... i texted president to ask and he said GO! woo hoo! it was such a fun time! i loved meeting a whole new ward. they don't have any sisters in their ward so when they saw us they all got really excited that sister missionaries were in the ward now then we had to let them down and tell them we were just visiting. haha i hope you are all enjoying spring as much as i am! love you all! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!

Sister Swisher

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