Tuesday, April 22, 2014

3rd missionary for the 4th time!

Hey everyone!
so yet another crazy week in the life of sister swisher. so we got a
third companion this week! she goes home in two weeks so its pretty
fun to have her around. we smashed a 3rd bed into our room and its
been a blast. this is like my 4th time being in a trio on my mission.
partyyyy! well this week we went to Frederick for the new
missionary/trainer meeting and it was so fun to see other missionaries
and get to talk to them and laugh. its really the best thing in the
world to be a missionary! i must say i am pretty tired this week but i
really love this area! i love the woodstock ward!!! they are awesome
and so supportive! so we have a couple of new investigators and we are
always busy. the days seem to just fly by. the weather is finally
gorgeous and i love being outside in it! the sunsets have been amazing
and every morning when i am running i get to see the sunrise! best
times ever! i love love love warm weather! i cant get enough of it!
well i hope everyone had a great easter and was able to reflect upon
our savior and the amazing gift that he gave to us. it truly is
amazing! what hope we can have because our of our Savior Jesus Christ.
everytime i think about it i get overwhelmed with the love that our
Heavenly Father has for us. life is just wayyy too good! love ya'll!

Sister Swisher

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