Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baptisms and gardening

hey ya'll!

ok so it was another amazing week! so we had a really busy week of service and fun! we helped people garden every single day this week! i learned so much about gardening. i definitely want a garden when i grow up. we had a lot of missionary meetings this week as well. it was awesome! i have learned sooo much this week. ok so first miracle of the week. we have been challenged to talk to literally every one we see. so we have been doing just that and we were out on friday night talking to people and we saw these older gentlemen walking and we talked to them and invited them to the baptism for susan on saturday morning. the next morning we were filling up the font and the elders were helping us when all of a sudden one of the men we invited showed up for the baptism! we introduced him to the elders and they gave him a tour of the church while we finished setting up. he told the elders that he read a bit about joseph smith and the book of mormon and prayed about it and knows it is right! the elders are starting to teach him! miracles from talking to EVERYONE!!! 

so susans baptism went amazingly and she was sooo happy. after she got out of the water we asked her how she felt and she got this big huge smile on her face and she said i feel new! later that day we called her to check on her and she said one of her friends called her. he has been giving her a hard time for becoming a mormon for a while. so he called her right after her baptism and said well are you one of those stinking mormons now? and she said yeah! i am a latter day saint!!!! haha its awesome to see how happy she is! then sunday she was confirmed and received the gift of the holy ghost. im telling you i have never seen a more happy person in my life. 

then after church on sunday i got to go back to martinsburg west virginia adn see betty get baptized! i showed up and she started crying and i started crying. it was sooo good to see her get baptized. she had been waiting for soo long. another miracle is that sister bingham, my comp that i taugh betty in martinsburg with, was visiting that day! so sister bingham got to attend the baptism and i got to see her!! she went home in february and was taking her mom around her mission. :) 

seriously it is the best to be a missionary. the best part is, all of these eternal friendships you make. i have met the most wonderful people i love them with all my heart. my heart is split into 3 wards here on the east coast. i would never trade my mission for anything. i get to be friends with all of these people for eternity and it has changed my life so much. life is good. MAKE GOOD CHOICES

Sister Swisher

p.s. pictures will come next week sorry!

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