Monday, June 2, 2014

Hobo in the food storage room?!?

so I really cannot believe it is june already! this week went by in a blur. I really cannot remember much of it. we walked 5 miles on the hottest day of the week to find people to talk to. it was fun but we melted. take note: if ever coming to the east coast for a summer do not wear make up or a shirt where you can see your sweat. yup its gross and sweaty out here. the humidity has made an appearance and it wont leave. well there were a lot of great things that happened this week. we went to the temple visitors center with susan and sue. two of the recent converts in the ward. they learned about the temple and family history and are both so excited to get started. its so cool to see how the Gospel changes everything about a persons life. their priorities change, they are happier, everything!

well we went hiking with other missionaries last Monday and today we are going bowling! woo hoo! we have a crazy busy couple of weeks ahead of us and then its transfer time. I cant believe its already coming up! well something that I learned this week is that as we put our faith in Heavenly Father and are obedient to what he asks, He will send blessings. Even if we don't see them immediately, they will come. we need to be patient and know that everything is in Heavenly Father's hands. that has been a huge comfort to me on my mission.

something else that I learned this week is that I cannot help but tell embarrassing stories about myself. this week in the sunday school lesson I told a story about how in high school I was convinced there was a hobo living in our food storage room in the garage and I made my dad go check to make sure there wasn't. every one was rolling and I got my point across that dads are there to protect their families but I also got a new thing across for the ward to make fun of me for. haha oh well I cant help it. well MAKE GOOD CHOICES have a great week. :)

Sister Swisher

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