Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day!


I hope every one is doing really well! I know this week flew by for me.... as usual. well every one I am starting my 11th transfer this week. yes I only have 3 transfers left and its weirding me out. you may be wondering what is happening to me at transfers on Wednesday..... well folks the wait is up. I am staying here in Woodstock and training another brand new missionary! I am so excited to stay here another transfer. I guess I am just bound to stay in areas for long periods of time. the ward is starting to think I am a member here. this cute older lady even introduced me to her daughter who was visiting as the newest member. and I said " I am a sister missionary remember?" she was said" oh... I forgot. you have been here long enough to be a member!" haha she is cute. well my companion is going to get transferred to downtown Baltimore Spanish speaking. this is the first time they have let sisters be there because its dangerous. we knew they were going to put her there. she says its because she is old.... haha I say its because she is the and she is about to tear it up in Baltimore. even though she is only allowed in certain parts of the area at night. the Lord will keep her safe. she is going to send me ghetto pictures and I am going to send her farmer pictures. opposite worlds!

well I had a really cool experience this week. so I was feeling discouraged because we have had a hard time finding new investigators. so I just got on my knees and asked Heavenly Father to let us run into someone that we could be an answer to their prayers that day. so we set out and we were talking with everyone we saw. then we were about to turn down a street when we decided we needed to keep going straight. after walking for a while, we saw this lady walking towards us. she was glowing and so happy to see us. we started talking with her and she just had something about her. we are going to see her this Wednesday night and start teaching her! we also have a couple more appointments set up with other who we might start teaching. this new missionary I am getting better be ready to hit the ground running because holy cow we have work to do! I love that Heavenly Father answers our prayers! whenever I feel like giving up He gives me the strength to go a little further and then miracles happen! so amazing! I love being a missionary and I am going to work my buns off my last 3 transfers of my mission and go out with a bang!!!

well amigos I hope you are enjoying your summer and that you all had a great Father's Day and let your dads know how much you love them. I know I love mine! he is the best! he has taught me so much and always makes time for me and my siblings. I remember him signing up to be my 8th grade volleyball coach because we didn't have a coach and him being at every event in my life. he also is the biggest goofball you will ever meet. he is known for hanging kids upside down by their feet and taking them to primary. I realized yesterday that I take wayyyy too much after my dad when I was walking down the hallway of church and tapping all the kids on the top of the head with my papers and my companion walking behind me saying sorry she is crazy. hahaha in that moment I was like oh my gosh I am my father. well I guess that is a good thing.... most of the time. love my dad. don't know what I would do with out him. I am soo glad he decided to join the church when I was small. he is the greatest example of what it means to give service all the time. he is the bomb! love my dad to death. I am so proud of him!


Sister Swisherrrrrrrrr

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