Monday, June 23, 2014

Good luck handling Sister Swisher!

hey everyone! 
well another transfers week has come and gone. transfer meeting was phenomenal as usual. we had to leave at the crack of dawn because we are in the boonies of the mission and i had to be at the trainer meeting early. so it was a busy busy day. 

i got my new companion! she is a brand new sister and she is hitting the ground running! its so nice to have a new enthusiastic missionary around! especially since i am an old timer now. i know its weird. but she is from texas and i have already told president that she will be ready to train a new missionary in less than 6 weeks. we are already having a blast and getting a ton of work done! we are still in need of new investigators. we are doing everything we can and being exactly obedient so now its just the game of patience. my least favorite lesson... hahaha well i know we will be lead to those people who are prepared to hear our message. our ward is being great and working with their friends so hopefully we will begin teaching some of them soon! :) 

well at transfer meeting they introduce the new missionaries to their trainers in front of all the missionaries. it feels a little like when simba is held up in front of the whole animal kingdom at the beginning of lion king. so they announced that sis moore will be getting trained by sis swisher. and as we hugged each other in front of the animals... i mean misisonaries. pres richards said " hey sis moore good luck handling sis swisher." hahaha poor girl didnt even know what was happening. now she says it makes sense :) 

we are having a blast and loving every minute of working our tails off. life is good over here in the stock of woods. yup that is what the cool kids in woodstock say.... ok maybe just me. well MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!


Sister Swisher

Minnionaries my mom sent me

Sister Moore my new Comp from Texas

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