Monday, June 30, 2014

Buckle your seat belts!!!!

Buckle your seat belts folks because this week was sooo phenomenal! you know those times when your jaw literally drops because you are so in shock that something sooo amazing just happened? well that happened to me literally every single day this week.

ok so I was praying sooo hard for us to find people to teach. so first of all one of our investigators has not been progressing at all! and she is such a good person and needs it in her life sooo much! I have been praying and studying for her like crazy. so on Tuesday night we were on splits and I took a member with me to teach her. we had a break through amazing lesson and she agreed to pray and read to book of Mormon for reals! it was amazing! hopefully she will keep on progressing well.

then on Wednesday we dedicated the whole day to finding people to teach! we were walking around the neighborhoods and I felt impressed to knock on this door. so we did... and it was this cute young mom and we got talking and sharing some truth with her and now we are going back to teach her this week! later that same day we were talking to everyone and it started to pour down rain! so we were walking back to our car and this elderly couple invited us to come and chat on their porch to get out of the rain. so we did. turns out they used to take lessons from the missionaries years ago. well we are going back to teach them too!

the miracles don't stop there folks.... we literally found 4 more people we are going back to teach this week. our investigator pool almost tripled last week and if all of our appointments pull through this week it will double again! we found people in the most random ways and even one lady invited us to come teach her.... we didn't even have to ask!

on top of all of this we got a text from our bishop late one night. he told us how this guy who lives in Utah called him and told him he had been working on a friend here in Virginia and she is ready to be taught by the sister missionaries and is almost ready to be baptized!!! WHAT!!?!?!?!?

well I cant even put into words how grateful I am that heavenly father answers prayers and allows me to be a part of all these great miracles. my life changes every single day out here!!! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!

Sister Swisher

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