Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Car incident!


So funny story. My and my comp met members at the church to go on splits. We both piled into cars and left. When I got back President Wright (a member of our stake presidency) was holding the keys to our car. I said how did you get those? He told me that I not only left them in my car but I left the car running!!!! Thank goodness he found it :) I guess I was excited to go teach the gospel :)
I attached a picture!

so this week was a blur as well. i cant believe we are on the last week of the transfer. this transfer just flew by me! i will find out sunday if i am getting transferred or not. i will keep ya'll posted. well this week i had a lot of cool experiences with prayer. i just have had my testimony increase so much this week that prayer really is a two way communication with our Heavenly Father. I know that he answers my own and every one's prayers. He loves us and has given us so many resources to succeed in life and return to live with Him. He has given us prayer, scriptures, prophets, the Atonement, our families, and so much more. if you ever feel unloved just look around you! 

It is really powerful to be so earnestly seeking an answer to your prayers and then receive one, whether it comes quickly or takes a loooooong time. Its powerful. But there is nothing quite as powerful and seeing someone else like an investigator receive an answer to their prayers and see how much it means to them. Its AMAZING!

well i know that this is a really short blog post but i really dont know how to put this week into words. i will do better next week! I love being a missionary even though time flies by way too fast! love ya'll! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!

Sister Swisher

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