Monday, July 7, 2014

Waving flags on overpass!


ok so the first part of this week.... hmmm... well i am not going to sugar coat it folks. it was terrible! EVERY single appointment we had from monday to wednesday cancelled and it seemed like the world was working against us. we were pretty down in the dumps on wednesday night then we talked about what we could be learning from this. we decided that we needed to show Heavenly Father that we are exactly obedient and diligent even when things are not going our way. so we decided to keep on trucking and being happy :) well what do you know thursday rolls around and a miracles happens that made the whole bad few days worth it! here is the story:

a few days earlier:
we were walking the streets and talking to every one. we stopped these two ladies to talk to them and one of the ladies was sooo excited to see us! she said she used to live in Arizona and was taking the lessons before she moved to virginia. she said we were the first mormons she has seen since she moved from airzona... 3 years ago! so we got her info and told her we would stop by!

we go by the hotel she works at and the power in the hotel was out due to a bad storm we had. so she was outside taking a break waiting for the power to come back on. so we got to talk to her and she explained with tears in her eyes that she was going through a really rough time and had been praying for help. she said that it was an answer to her prayers when she saw us the other night. she said this is exactly what she needs to be doing and so she is our newest investigator and will likely be baptized within the next few months!

if that is not a miracle i dont know what is! it was amazing and strengthened our faith sooo much :) 

4th of july! 
we had the best 4th of july ever! we went and party hopped from members homes. we ate sooo much :) then we were invited to the a family bbq with the elders but first we waved flags on an overpass in town. Check out why at It was soo much fun! well funny story of me being a dork and a half. so at the end of the bbq the elders and my comp were like oh we need to go tell sis wright thanks for everything. but none of them wanted to climb the steps to the front porch to get her to come out. so i was like oh i will do it you lazy bums! so i was climbing up the stairs while every one was watching me... and bam! tripped up the stairs hard core... every one asked me if i was ok.... not! they all turned and laughed haha we all almost peed our pants it was so funny. no worries i just scraped my legs and smashed the brownie i had in my hands. its not a holiday until something weird happens right? well then we went to the church and passed out free popcorn and water to every one that came to watch the fireworks from the parking lot. it was great! we got to talk to a lot of people and were even invited to come and share a message by some. well then we ended the night by wathcing fireworks. amazing last holiday on my mission. well MAKE GOOD CHOICES! 

Sister Swisher

We found two $100 dollar bills outside of our apartment.
We turned it in to the police. If no one claims it President Wright is going to donate it to the missionary fund!

FHE with a family

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