Monday, July 14, 2014

Sarcasm? Brook?


ok this week went by in the blink of an eye for reals! seriously this week was pretty good... most of the time! so on Wednesday we had the new missionary and their trainers meeting on Wednesday. it was quite the drive at 5am! we serve in the boonies, its official. but on the way to the meeting i was thinking about how it could possibly be my last new missionary/trainer meeting i attend on my mission and i almost started crying.... so then i tried not to be so depressing and just enjoyed the day. it was amazing as usual. and i just want every one to know that i have the most amazing new missionary out there. she is the i really lucked out. it is really easy to be a trainer when the missionary you are training came out pre-trained. i really love my stinking mission president too! what other mission president can handle my teasing/ sarcasm? none. i just called him for clarification on a new rule and he answered the phone "what do you want sister swisher?" haha he cracks me up so much!

well another week of cancelling appointments. on Friday i was feeling pretty down about a few appointments cancelling. then i realized we met amazing people that we would not have met had the appointments worked out. so some lessons that i learned from this week:
1. God's plan is wayyyy better than sister Swisher's plan even if she thinks she knows what people need sometimes.

2. how amazing is it that a mission has taught me to love complete strangers unconditionally. i mean one woman, i met twice, didn't know her last name yet, but i love her to death and want the best for her family. i guess that is why i was so down hearted when she cancelled on us. i just want the best for her and her family. talk about talking a quick walk in the Savior's shoes. that must be how he feels about us when we turn our backs on him and make bad choices.

3. no matter what is going wrong, there are always things to be grateful for and something to laugh about! amongst all the cancellations sis moore and i continued to laugh our heads off. i know that as my mission comes to a close in the next few months, and i go back into the real world. trials will come and i will look back on these times and remember that its not our circumstances that make us happy, its our attitudes.

4.There is always a miracle around the corner.....

Speaking of the miracle around the corner. Friday when we were about to give up we set up an apt for Saturday with this less active lady who isn't even on the records of the church. she has been away from the church for years! well any way we got in touch with her and we met her at her house. so we go in and she just lays it out for us and says she is coming back for good and she wants to have her temple marriage! so we are starting to teach her husband and her son this Saturday. they are going to be baptized and they are going to be sealed in the temple as an eternal family! woo hoo! it was amazing and made every cancelled appointment on my mission worth it. i am not an emotional person but when she was sharing her testimony with us i started crying! one of the coolest experiences on my mission!!!

quote of the week: " man i just had the biggest zit... it was white and ready to harvest... " missionary jokes are the best!


Sister swisher

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