Monday, July 28, 2014

Goodbye Boonies...Hello Ghetto!

Hey everyone!
ok so this week was amazing! we did a #socialmediasplit and it was amazing! I loved it. i love pictures, i love missionary work... what could go wrong?

well everyone.... transfers are on Wednesday. i am soooo sad to leave my Woodstock family. but its nice because i will come back to visit soon and they are all adding me on facebook so i can keep in touch. in church on sunday i was trying not to cry my eyes out the entire time. it worked for the most part. ok i am sure that you are all thinking " just tell us sister swisher!" ok so i am going to the Chesapeake ward in Baltimore! i am also going to be a sister training leader again. i thought i served my time.... guess not! i am going to be with sis david! she is amazing! we know each other really well and we are both sooo excited to work together.

i am sooo sad to leave my companion sis moore and Woodstock. i love these people soooo much! i am definitely leaving a big part of my heart in Woodstock Virginia. i also have the best companion in the world! the sister coming doesn't know how good she has it. sis moore is amazing. we have a blast together all the time.

i am sad to say goodbye to this chapter of my mission but i know that i am needed in Baltimore. its going to be a big change since i have been in the boonies of the country for the last year. city here i come! i am going to finish my mission out in the ghetto yo! haha wow that felt weird to even type that. i am definitely used to the country ya'll.

well we went on exchanges this week and i went to harpers ferry again. it was sooo fun! well on the way to harpers ferry, we heard a loud bang! and the car was broken. so we spent the whole exchange dealing with the broken car. it was still a blast because i was with an awesome sister. we get along really well.

today was the best prep day ever! we went to harpers ferry to do the famous hike with the wright family and we went to this phenomenal fro yo place called sweet frog. i love the wrights!

well i hope ya'll are having a great week! i will write more next week when i have more time! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!

Sister Swisher

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