Monday, January 20, 2014

Air Guitar?!?!

hey ya'll!
ok yes i said ya'll. i have been in west virginia for almost 5 months now and i am gettting an accent. i keep saying ya'll and "a stone's throw" and other things. i am surprising myself! so we had yet another crazy crazy week. we had a sister go home on friday so we are now in a trio and we will be convering two areas for the rest of the transfer which is 3 weeks. the awesome part is, our third companion is sister jones from the MTC!!! we are having a BLAST! i love it! so last night my companions were both very stressed and overwhelmed with having to cover both areas. so i was just sitting there thinking how i could help them. (surprisingly i am not stressed about it, probably because i have done it before) so all of a sudden i turned out the lights and blared the music and busted out the glow sticks. yuuup we had a dance party. i may or may not have hit the wall with my elbow then fell off the couch. it was great. everyone felt a lot better when we were done. so we keep seeing amazing miracles with the missionary work in our area. miracles are happening every day. we see a lot of people changing their lives and it is changing my life. seeing this many amazing things happens definitely wears me out though. haha i feel like i could sleep for 100 years. but that also may be due to the fact that there is a personal trainer in the ward and she trained us this morning. it was sooo hard. we got out bums kicked! well let me tell you my funny story... things like this only happen if you are a missionary in west virginia. so we were at this less active family's home. they have a ton of stuffed deer heads all over. i have been there a million times. i never notcied that one of the deer heads was fake and plastic. so i noticed it the other night and asked about it. they said that is buck. he sings! i was like no way! so i waved my hand in front of the deer's face and it started singing "sweet home alabama!" and sister bingham and i started dancing and i had my air guitar out and everything. the family was laughing at us crazy sister missionaries. when we left the home i was like "did that really just happen?" i love this place so much and all the people i have met here. i know the Lord has put me here at this time for a reason. i love every single day of my mission and dont regret anything. what a wonderful time! i love you all! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!

Sister Swisher

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