Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! i know i did! i was able to Skype with my family and it was great to catch up with all of them and see their beautiful faces! (well at least my mom's and my sister's faces are...) on Christmas eve we helped a lot of families made cookies. we had a zone activity in the morning. all of us missionaries had a white elephant party. everyone came away with pretty cool presents.... stickers, a mini ping pong set, a cake..... what did i get? oh i got 6 cans of tuna and a picture of some elder in our mission being a dork. hahaha worst present there! we had a nice Christmas eve dinner with a really cool family in the ward and we went caroling. then sister bingham and i came home and opened our Christmas eve pajamas and then listened to Christmas music and drank hot chocolate. it was a really nice Christmas eve. then we woke up the next morning and opened our presents, had breakfast, got ready and then headed out to our many Christmas appointments. it was awesome! i felt so loved this holiday season. the members here are so great :) i just found out about transfers today and i am staying here for another transfer and will still have sister bingham as my companion. i am soooo excited! that means i will be in west Virginia for at least 6 months. i love the people here and we see so many miracles every single day. we are getting more sisters into the mission so we will probably be going on more exchanges next transfer. i am excited to work with more and more sisters. i love being a missionary! so funny story... last night we were planning for the day and i was in the middle of a sentence when all of a sudden i see something move on my desk. i look down and its a huge spider! i scream my head off and book it out of the room scaring poor sis bingo half to death. she was like are you going to come kill it? i was like uhhh heck no you have to smash it before i come back in! she was semi- freaking out trying to smash the huge spider. she smashed it and life continued. lessons learned from the spider catastrophe: 1. we are a couple of little girls 2. i can run pretty fast in a skirt when my life is at stake :p 3. i screamed louder about the spider than when i hit the deer with the car..... something isn't right there haha 4. i hate spiders. well happy new year everyone! MAKE GOOD CHOICES! :)
Sister Swisher

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