Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy 2014!

Ok so it was a great new years week. On new years eve and new years day we weren't allowed to do the normal missionary work. on new years eve we had to be in our apartment by 7pm. so we had 3 hours of nothing to do and missionaries get bored really easily because we are always crazy busy. so sister bingham and I painted our nails, played phase 10, and of course made a music video to church music! I know what you are all thinking... you wish you could have ditched your new years eve plans to be a part of such an awesome party. hahaha. well then we went to bed at 10:30 and woke up to 2014! crazy! I cant believe that it is already 2014! where is the time going? well ill skip to the miracles we saw yesterday! so we have been working really hard with a lot of less active members and they keep saying they will come to church and then they don't show up. so on Saturday night when we were finalizing plans and rides to get people to church I realized I was already thinking that some of them were not going to show up. it came to me that I had to have the faith they would come to church or they really weren't going to show up. so in true sister swisher fashion I started dancing around our room saying they are TOTALLY coming to church tomorrow!!! then I was like oh I need to pray that they will all come! so I got down on my knees and was like sister bingham come pray with me! all of this happened within like 30 seconds so she was like what the heck? hahah but she prayed with me anyway. well we woke up to an ice storm so I started to doubt again but then I remembered that I had to have faith! well guess what?? miracles happened!!! we had 4 less-actives show up to church that have not been to church in a really long time! it was crazy awesome!!!! we were so stoked. they all loved it and felt the spirit :) and my faith grew 3 times bigger that day! the power of prayer is real and faith precedes miracles!!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! where else can you see these kind of miracles happening? I just love helping people to draw closer to our Savior because that is when we are truly happy :) well MAKE GOOD CHOICES and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Here is to an awesome 2014 full of miracles!
Sister Swisher

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