Monday, January 13, 2014

Hump Day!

hello every one!

So this week was pretty great and crazy busy as usual. so we went on two exchanges back to back . so i wasnt with sister bingham for 4 days! its so good to have the band back together. so i hit my hump day this week. my mom sent me a hump day package with camel stuff about a commercial that came out while i was on my mission. so i dont really get it but all the members in my ward think its just hilarioius. i have been thinking a lot about being at the half way point of my mission. Here are my thoughts:
- i feel really old
-i feel like i have been out for 3 months max
-i have the dark circles of an 80 year old woman under my eyes from how tired i am
-i wear my hair in buns on top of my head most days
-i have so many amazing experiences that i could only have had on a mission
-these past 9 months have been the hardest/funnest/greatest times of my life
-i still have a whole 9 months to enjoy being a sister missionary! :) can i get a whoop whoop?

Seriously where does the time go people? well let me share a miracle i had while on an exchange with a brand new missionary this weekend. well we were getting out of church and about to go see a lot of peopel we had planned to see. when all of a sudden i got this thought that we needed to go see sister kackley. i have never met this lady before and she hadnt been to church in years. i was like look here sister we are going to go see this sister right now! told my GPS where to go and off we went. the whole time we were driving there i was just like holy cow i cant get to this lady's house fast enough. she really needs to see us. well when we pulled up and knocked on the door, she let us right in. we were chatting and finally she said "you know what? i was sitting here wishing to go to heaven and leave this world. i was so sad! so i told God to speak to my heart. not ten seconds later.... you sisters showed up at my door!" seriously Heavenly Father hears every one's prayers and knows what we all need. He loves every single one of us! its so amazing to see the miracles that come from prayers! i love being a missionary and being able to be a tool in the Lord's hands. PRAYER WORKS! Well i love you all and hope life is great for ya! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!

Sister Swisher

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